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Kelvyn Boy Reveals Why He Dropped MOMO the Same Day as Anloga Junction


Kelvyn boy like always has been under severe backlash after he dropped his new single, MOMO, the same day Stonebwoy released his Anloga Junction Album. As some artists did, others were expecting Kelvyn boy to put his release on hold for at least a day, so Stonebwoy could have the moment.

Speaking to Sammyflex on Showbiz Daily the MOMO hitmaker revealed that the reason he dropped the song the same day was that Apple Music gave him the same date as it did Stonebwoy, ergo his release on the same day. According to him, he was a little surprised when he saw the date given to him for his release.

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Although some of them felt he should have gone ahead to request for a new date, Kelvyn boy believed that he dropping his song the same day Stone dropped his album didn’t take anything from his MOMO song nor the Anloga Junction Album. He believes they both have core fans who enjoy their music no matter when and how it was released and did not see it as a competition or an act of malice to Stonebwoy.

He finally encouraged Ghanaians to support his music and stop making everything about him a competition to another person though he showed love to Anloga Junction on the day of release.

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