5 Things to Realize As You Get Older


    You cannot live for other people. I earned medals at the International Science Olympiad when I was 15 to disprove the opinions of others. “I got lucky,” they claimed. They now claim, “I was privileged.” I discovered that you can never disprove anyone’s assertions. Live your life for you, not for others.

    1. There is no need for physical attraction. Physical beauty ages and deteriorates. If you choose your relationships only on the basis of physical attraction, you will quickly grow bored.

    2. There aren’t many loyal friends you have. Many people don’t give a damn about you. Only a select few people can truly be your friends and stand by you when you’re in need.

    3. Health is important. If you lose your health, all of your goals, desires, and accomplishments will be reduced to ashes. Nobody has ever said to me, “I wish I ate more fast food when I was younger,” to my knowledge. Stay fit.

    4. No one knows the solutions. What brings us here? How are we able to be aware? Is there a reason for living? Nobody has solutions. Most people learn to disregard these queries.

    5. Money is irrelevant. Money is irrelevant after a certain point. I have witnessed both the happiest men in above-average financial circumstances and the saddest billionaires.

    Life is unpredictable. Anybody could perish in a car accident tomorrow. Unexpected events do occur in life. Expect nothing to go without a hitch. Thanks for reading.