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Adonko Bitters Outsmarts FDA Ghana


Some Ghanaian celebrities like Wendy Shay have publicly displayed their displeasure about a rule of the FDA Ghana which prohibits celebrities in Ghana from promoting alcoholic beverages. As some have been quiet about the matter, others are still trumpeting the heavy disadvantages these laws have over Ghanaian celebrities and some Ghanaians.

According to the FDA, these rules are to prohibit Ghanaian youth and especially the minors from being influenced by these Celebes they trust into alcoholism. Other laws set by the FDA proscribes the promotion and advertising of alcoholic products at some particular times of the day.

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On the weekend, a video surfaced on social media, which has stirred up conversations on the matter. Reputable alcoholic beverage, Adonko Bitters, unveiled its new ambassadors in Nigeria which feature renowned persons in the field of movie, music, sport, etc. to help advertise their products to the Nigerian market and Africa in general.

This has awakened an awareness in some Ghanaian celebrities and media practitioners who have also now added their voices to the call on the FDA to take a second look at the rule. Speaking to a staff of the FDA, Ms. Maria Lovelace Johnson, she corroborates the fact that the law was a forever law to protect and ensure the safety of Ghanaians considering the influence Ghanaian celebrities have on their fans. However, she added that their doors are opened for negotiations on the matter by anyone one who seems displeased about some of their laws.

On the other hand, some people have posited that this was a futile endeavor by the FDA and a possible Kamikaze mission to Ghanaian. They believe that, with the power of social media, alcoholic beverages can sponsor a post from another country targeted at the Ghanaian populace on social media to advertise such products with these new faces to the brand.

They also added that, instead of the absolute prohibition of our Celebes, the FDA should rather allow them but find a way to regulate it, buttressing that most of these new faces to the brand have most of their social media followers being Ghanaians who would see advertisement being done by these stars and still go ahead to patronize the beverage which is sold in shops right here in Ghana for consumption.

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Another ramification of these rules by the FDA is the eventual relocation of these beverages from Ghana. Expatiating that, once the Celebes in Nigeria do a great job and the sales of these products are through the roof, in little or no time, such companies will consider moving their businesses or focus more on the Nigerian market as against the Ghanaian market which they may not be benefitting from anyway. This act will now not affect just the stars, but Ghanaian human labor working with these companies may be at the precipice of being laid off if the company is not making much profit in Ghana.

In spite of all these salient points, Ms. Maria Lovelace Johnson was obstinate about their decision saying that Nigeria is a sovereign country and is allowed to do what they want but as long as Ghana is concerned they are going to do all it takes to prevent that from happening in Ghana.