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Save Her Heart vs. Sobolo


Last Friday was earmarked by the display and overflow of love. A day set aside to celebrate love and friendships dubbed Valentine’s Day. The presidents of the two strongest dancehall camps in Ghana, Shatta Movement, and Bhimnation, gave their fans and Ghanaians love songs to celebrate the day.

Though both are no longer in rivalry with each other, it didn’t stop fans from comparing both songs for the heck of it. Though these two artists are known for dancehall, both artists’ Sobolo and Save her heart fell into the Ghanaian highlife genre with the live band performance.

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After listening to both songs, Ghanaians and all lovers of music are head over heels over both songs and are indecisive as to which song to put over the other. Pioneers of the highlife genre and highlife artists in Ghana are thrilled about the fact that these two stalwarts in the Ghanaian music industry albeit Dancehall artists are uplifting and pushing the highlife genre to the world.