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3 Of The Most Spoiled Kids In The World, Number 1 Has A Wardrobe Worth £3 Million


It is wonderful how much things the 1% richest people in the world can do with their wealth, and while some of them continue to invest their money or chase recognitions, others derive pleasure in overly spoiling their kids with so much money that anyone would wonder how those kids cope with spending so much.

Therefore, from the mild to the extreme cases, this article will go through the list of 5 of the most spoilt kids in the world, and why these little kids have been tagged as being spoilt at such a young age. 

1. Suri Cruise

Born to the Hollywood Star Actor Father (Tom Cruise), and the 33-Year old actress Mother (Katie Holmes), Suri Cruise is a wonderful spectacle for anyone who would like to see how kids can be extravagantly cared for by their parents. 

Probably because her parents were divorced at some point, but Suri has been getting the best part of their separation, because Tom Cruise can not help making expensive memories anytime he is permitted to visit her with her mother.

According to People.com, Tom Cruise was even said to have secured a whole Cinderella Suite for her to enjoy the feeling of being Cinderella. A suite that was said to only be reserved for Disney Charity events and promotions.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.Hindustan Times also revealed that the wardrobe worth of the young girl is estimated to worth about £3 Million, and she is seldom seen in public without wearing makeups.

It was also sourced that she has always been the one to choose her own clothes ever since she was a year old.

2. Sophia Ecclestone

Samara Ecclestone, mother of Sophia Ecclestone, is the daughter of the Billionaire and former Formula 1 racer, Bernie Ecclestone, who is known to have made quite a fortune from his years as a racer. Because he did not have any heir to inherit his properties, Bernie doted his wealth on his two daughters instead.

And Sophia was luckily the first born of Samara, hence, she was spoilt with care and money.

Sophia receives thousands of gifts for Christmas, and not only that, her mother also takes her to their family house to spend the holidays, including the big party that is thrown for her every year.

Sophia also had her personal Christmas party which is hosted at an hotel, and all her age-mates are called to attendance to celebrate the festivities with her. She also has a varieties of clothes ready for her anytime she feels like.

According to NorthernStar, Sophia has a playhouse-sized replica of their family’s mansion in the backyard of the house, and this playhouse was estimated to worth about $20,000.

3. Barron Trump

Anyone would even ask, why won’t Barron be spoilt? He is only 14 years old, and obviously is the only son of his mother, and his father is billionaire and an ex-president of the United States.

Well, it would also be insensitive to day that the young lad is not spoilt, when he was even ushered to live in the White House, being the first underage to do so since JFK Jr attended St Andrews, because he was considered to be an underaged and sensitive to matters regarding to the white House and the National.

Tell us, which of these kids do you think is most spoilt?

Would you spoil your kid too if you had the money to do so?