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Yaw Tog Actually Made Stormzy More Popular In Ghana – Blogger OdarteyGH Speaks


Yaw tog is being trolled on social media for expressing his views on a question asked him in an interview with MzGee on TV3 new day.

Answering the question, “There is that kind of perception in Ghana that Stormzy made you popular than you are” Yaw Tog said, “Yeah I would say he made me more popular on this market and I also made him more popular here too cos people didn’t really know stormzy in Ghana here. We both did magic to ourselves.

To me, Yaw tog gave a perfect answer to the question and I am kind of surprised why a section of Ghanaians are trolling him for his response.

In the business of music, an artist collaborates or features another for various reasons. One reason may be to tap into each other’s market or popularity and another may be because the artiste fits in the music record.

Yaw tog needed Stormzy figure and brand on his already hit and viral song, while Stormzy also needed the same or wanted to offer a helping hand not taking away the business of music.

Stormzy’s stronghold is the UK, in Africa and Ghana he is somewhat not popular. This is not to say he wasn’t popular but his popularity is relative and Yaw Tog made him more popular. Hence Yaw Tog is 100 percent right if he made that statement.

For me, those who don’t understand the English language will have a problem with his statement. Also, Yaw tog trending on various portals is very good for business and his brand.