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‘I will not let this slide, pay me my royalties’ – Nigerian musician calls out Sarkodie


An aggrieved Nigerian musician, Inkboy, has called out Sarkodie on social media for failing to pay him royalties on a song they made together.

The duo collaborated on the hit single ‘One Million Cedis”)’, which also featured on Sarkodie’s ‘Jamz’ album.

In a post shared via X (formerly Twitter) on April 27, Inkboy expressed disappointment in Sarkodie for failing to pay him his share of royalty on their song even a year after they recorded the music.

He also stated that, it is unfortunate he had to use this means to reach out to the rapper.

“King @sarkodie what you are doing is not good at all. I place high regard on your name but it seems you prefer me calling you out and people saying I’m ungrateful. Pls give me my royalties for one million cedi it’s long overdue Haba you be legend o nawa,” Inkboy wrote on X.

Inkboy noted that his frequent calls on Sarkodie via social media to do right by him has made him the target of attacks by Sarkodie’s fanbase.

He also questioned if a year is not enough time for the Ghanaian rapper to pay royalties owed him.

He wrote, “I made this song and gave it the title one million cedi and all I get now is hate from @sarkodie fans cos I’m not allowed to call him out? As a bigger person is one year not enough time to do what is right? I won’t let this slide give me my royalties.”

Check out Inkboy’s tweet below: