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Why tomatoes, onions, and foodstuffs are expensive – Dumelo explains


The prices of foodstuffs have seen a significant increase, leaving many Ghanaians in shock.

Many have taken to social media to express their concerns about the high cost of living, especially as crops like tomatoes, onions, and pepper are being sold at unreasonable prices.

Entrepreneur, John Dumelo joined the conversation and attributed the high prices of tomatoes, onions, and pepper to the lack of production during the dry season.

He urged the government to invest heavily in irrigation for farmers to use during the dry season, emphasizing that Ghanaian farmers can cultivate these crops if given the necessary resources.

Dumelo pointed out that neighbouring countries like Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali have invested in irrigation, leading to a boost in their production of these crops.

He emphasized that Ghana should stop importing millions of dollars’ worth of tomatoes and onions from these countries and instead support local farmers.

In a tweet seen by GhanaWeb Business, John Dumelo said, “Invest heavily in irrigation for dry season farming. The reason pepper, tomatoes, and onions are expensive now is because we don’t produce enough during the dry season. Our neighbors (Burkina, Mali, Niger) have seen this gap and have invested heavily in irrigation to produce these food items for us during the dry season.”

The entrepreneur also mentioned, “The rains have started. Farmers have planted and are waiting to harvest around July/August. Prices will fall soon, not due to any special government intervention but due to simultaneous harvesting by the majority of farmers. We can’t keep having these cyclical events. Things need to change.”

“Let’s invest heavily in irrigation so we have some price stability all year round. We can’t keep giving millions of dollars to our neighboring farmers to import their tomatoes and onions while we (Ghanaian farmers) have the capacity to cultivate the same crops. Irrigation is the way forward!! #Idey4u #GodblessGhana,” his tweet read in part.

The depreciation of the Cedi against major trading currencies has also been attributed to the increase in the price of goods and services.