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What’s wrong if ‘single’ Serwaa Amihere films and shares erotic moments with a polygamous man? – NAM1


Nana Appiah Mensah, popularly known as NAM1, has opined that he sees nothing wrong with Serwaa Amihere’s act of reliving some erotic moments she once had with her partner.

The CEO of now-defunct Menzgold, who shares a different opinion from the tons of criticisms the broadcaster has since encountered following the leak of her adult tape, said it is normal for such videos to be kept and cherished.

Describing such sensual moments as priceless, NAM1 said sending such a video to her partner, whom she trusted was absolutely normal.

“Why do we take photos & videos? Is it not to have and to hold cherished & priceless moments just so, we can relive the moments which cannot easily be re-enacted? What exactly is wrong if a single lady shares an erotic moment with a polygamous man via an electronic medium?” NAM1 wrote on Twitter on April 10, 2024.

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The former Menzgold boss’ comments followed the circulation of an intimate video involving Serwaa Amihere and her partner (now an ex-partner), which has led to legal action against three individuals including the said partner, Henry Fitz.

In the wake of the criticisms and the lawsuit, Henry Fitz in a bid to clarify how he got the said video stated that it was earlier sent to him by Serwaa.

He also refuted claims that he was responsible for leaking the tape.

The video in question is said to have been recorded by Serwaa Amihere.


Earlier, a video depicting Serwaa Amihere in bed with a man, identified as Henry Fitz, circulated widely on various social media platforms.

As per reports, the ordeal started when Serwaa Amihere’s makeup artist was contacted and asked to relay a message to the journalist to pay GH₵5,000 in order to stop the circulation of explicit photos and videos of her.

Subsequent threats escalated, with an unidentified individual demanding a larger sum of GH₵20,000.

Despite Serwaa Amihere’s compliance with the initial demands, the accused published the video.

Following these events, Amihere reported the matter to the authorities, leading to the arrest of one Edem Saviour Ketti.

The police said efforts are underway to apprehend Henry Fitz, who remains at large as investigations into the matter continue.