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Moment when kids having fun near a pool jumped into the pool when a dog charged at them (Watch)


The fun time of some kids was rudely interrupted when a dog charged at them spontaneously.

Footage of the dog racing at the kids and barking furiously has been shared on the internet.

Fortunately, they were near the pool so once the dog bore its unfriendly teeth, they jumped into the water without delay.

They had no idea what was happening but the fact they took precautions immediately by jumping into water has been applauded by social media.

Meanwhile, a video shared on TikTok shows the moment some white kids got surprised when they saw a little black boy for the first time. Perhaps having no idea that black people exist, the toddlers were filmed touching the boy and trying to figure out if he’s real when their paths crossed at an event recently.

One of the children held his hands and smiled deeply while also trying to confirm if his colour could peel off or not.

At a point, another kid thought he rubbed chocolate on his skin and he immediately licked his fingers after touching the black boy.