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Wendy Shay Shades Colleague Female Musician


The Akokora gangster creator, Wendy shay, in a recent tweet has subtly declared herself above all the female artists in Ghana.

In a twitter throwback, Wendy shay who was being left out in the conversation and trends jumped in by tweeting “ I Dey see say some people dey pair Artists together….me if eno be Beyoncé make nobody pair me with any Artist Ghana wake up !!”

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This, of course, has infuriated some fans of other female artists and has sent a horde of tweets backlashing her. According to them, the only artist Wendy shay could be compared to is Rashida Black beauty.

Others who believe how big the lady dreams has applauded her for choosing a “worth competition” Beyoncé, instead of mingling with her colleagues in Ghana.

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Wendy Shay in recent times has proven that unlike some visionless and unambitious Ghanaian musicians, she is aiming for gold and the ultimate prize. Declaring at the beginning of the year that she was going to make it to the Grammies and now stating the only artist she could be compared to is Beyoncé.