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Video: See How A Young Man Puts Down His Clutches To Grind A Lady


As a matter of fact, every human being at one time or the other gets happy and would do the unthinkable things; grinding a lady.

Apart from that, everyone too has feelings that needs to be satisfied.

Exactly was the case of a man who is only able to walk around with the use of his clutches.

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He found himself at an event and his use of clutches did not stop him from dancing his heart out at the event.

Just in the course of dancing, he used one of his legs to ‘bracket’ the waist of the lady for a better grip and to enjoy himself better.

Subsequently, he placed his clutches away as he continued to grind the lady with so much happiness, skill and ease.

Some people may say that the lady in question just had sympathy on the young man but no matter what the case maybe, he really enjoyed himself.

Source: nanansem.com