Home Entertainment “Veteran Actor, Kojo Dadson’s Recovery from Stroke”

“Veteran Actor, Kojo Dadson’s Recovery from Stroke”


The home sweet home star, Kojo Dadson who also doubles as a musician has been suffering from stroke since 2012. In an interview on TV3 news, Mr. Dadson explained his determination to recover from stroke.

The actor revealed some time ago on the KSM show that life has been a struggle but he is a survivor. He said he does not allow his situation to worry him anymore although it used to during his first year of suffering stroke.

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He stated that he gets satisfaction from acting but that passion of pleasing people at what he does best is with playing life-band music. Due to this, he has decided to bring back his life-band-music that he established over twenty years ago. https://youtu.be/yhh-U2wsEN0

In his recent interview with TV3, the actor expressed his determination to defeat and recover from stroke. By saying he is doing everything possible to recover because it is not his time yet. He went on to share some of his challenges. He made it known that financially, he has been struggling as he has to pay an amount of GH150.00 on transport every week to the hospital.

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We hope the actor gets the needed financial support and get to fulfill his dream of going back to life-band music as he made it known in his interview sometime ago.

Money is a big problem for these celebrities especially those who are sick and aged. What does the industry do for these people? Are there any avenues for these celebrities to get financial support whenever the need arises?

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