Home News Two ‘Boys’ From Obuasi Who Have Gruesomely Killed Their Girlfriends

Two ‘Boys’ From Obuasi Who Have Gruesomely Killed Their Girlfriends


Obuasi, a popular town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana has been in the news recently for the wrong reasons. At the mention of the name, the only thing that used to come to mind was the gold mining but now the narration is changing. It was early this year that some young boys from Obuasi were everywhere in the news brandishing guns which led to their arrest.

Apart from that, some persons have out of jilted relationships killed their partners in the same vicinity. Others were felt betrayed and decided to end the lives of their partners. In all of these, the culprits are males whilst their female counterparts fall victims, unfortunately. For now, two young ‘boys’ from Obuasi are in the official records of the Ghana Police Service for killing their girlfriends. They were impatient and out of anger allegedly committed the crimes.

The latest in the news which many are wondering how it all happened is about a twenty-four-year-old young man who killed his thirty-five-year-old girlfriend and decided to sneak her body to the mortuary. The young man known as Atta killed the girlfriend, Nancy Agyiri after they had an argument about a video on the phone of the lady.

The police in Obuasi have since arrested him and are set to be paraded before the court to explain why he committed the crime. Another young man, Luis Asante also traveled to Damango from Obuasi and allegedly killed his police constable girlfriend after he was rumored to have been jilted. There has not been any news of the arrest of Luis Asante after he bolted from his father’s home.

It is very difficult to understand these two cases and why they are coming from Obuasi at this particular period in time. Two girls have been murdered in cold blood with their ‘killer’ boyfriends facing the laws. Parents, the police, and other residents of Obuasi should be vigilant about the recent developments and avoid future occurrences. It is unknown what has come over young men of today who prefer to kill their girlfriends at the expense of all the other options available.

The cases of Atta and Luis Asante should serve as a lesson to the other young men at Obuasi and the country at large who are facing challenges in their relationships. They should know that there are problems in every relationship but taking the pain to kill will end you up in the walls of the prisons. Let’s all be guided.