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Four Places A Lady Looks On Your Body When You Approach Her For The First Time


Approaching a lady for the first time can be a difficult task because she’s someone you don’t even have a clue about and you’re just wondering if this is the actual time to talk to her and make her like you, or you should wait for another chance to come.

When meeting a lady for the first time, there are some specific areas on your body that she observes when you are talking to her. This will determine if she can go on with a relationship with you or not.

Here are four places a lady looks on your body when you approach her for the first time:

1. Hair
Your hair is one of the first things a lady notices when you approach her for the first time. This is probably because the hair is the uppermost part of the body. When a lady looks at your hair, she wants to know the level of your personal hygiene because the hair is an indicator of that. It reflects how clean or dirty our body is.

2. Eyes
Your eyes give out different information about you, without you even knowing it. The eyes show if you are intense, jovial, or over-confident about everything. That is why ladies like looking at your eyes when you are meeting them for the first time.

3. Face
The face is one of the things that attract a lady towards you. When you approach her for the first time, she immediately looks at your face to know if you are her type or not. The face reveals many things about your personality and that is why women look at it immediately you talk to them.

4. Shoulders
The shoulders can tell a lady how broad your frame is and how well you’re holding yourself. Studies have shown that women are more attracted to men with broad and muscular shoulders because they play an important role in giving men a good look.