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TV3 Date Rush’s Ignatius Reportedly Married With Two Kids


The trending issue on every social media platform is how one man, Ignatius turned the whole TV3 Date Rush show upside down with his vibes and above all his style of climaxing the show.

The final episode of TV3’s most talked about reality show, Date Rush, came off yesterday there were exciting as well as heartbreaking moments.

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TV3 Date Rush's Ignatius reportedly married with two kids 1
TV3 Date Rush’s Ignatius reportedly married with two kids

The second gentleman, who was the last for the 9th episode of Season 3 of Tv3’s Date Rush, Ignatius actually broke a lot of hearts as he turned off all the rushes of his two final options.

Ignatius, a marketer, was the dream man of every lady on tonight’s show, but he disappointed everyone especially Freelove who was emotionally down after she was left hanging by Ignatius.

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Surprisingly, during the live broadcaast of the show on Tv3’s Timeline on facebok, Gossips24.com sighted some interesting revelations made by netizens who claimed they know Ignatius.

According to Facebook users, Achagani Aweh and Michael Dexter Seddoh, Ignatius is married with kids. In fact, Achagani went ahead to allege that Ignatius lives right behind his house and for that matter, he is very sure of what he is saying.

As to whether the allegations made by the aforementioned Facebook users are true or not,we are still trying to follow the story as it develops.

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