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These Six Positions Are Not God For Both You And Your Partner!


Okay, so how many people do you really know who have suffered sex injuries? No one? Never mind but they happen, and more than you think. In fact, the numbers remain underreported because people don’t like to talk about them out of embarrassment. But should you really be embarrassed? After all, they are a sign that your sek.x life is pretty rocking.

Any which way, caution should be a primary concern, and in the same vein, we enlist five sek.x positions that are as dangerous as an open wire. No puns intended, though.

02/6​The Eager Chef

THE EAGER CHEF: This position involves the girl on the top of a table or a desk and you penetrating her while standing, mostly on your toes. Why is it risky? First, you can mistake your target and hit the wrong place, which could also be the counter itself. Second, because the position involves the man standing on his toes, it can stress your calf muscles and any lapse, even for a split-second can give your penis an unforgiving injury.

03/6​The Cowgirl

THE COWGIRL: This one’s no brainer. In fact, it has often been deemed as the riskiest position for a man. Studies have also shown that half of the penile fracture cases occurred in cowgirl position. Why is it risky? Because the movement is controlled by the woman and she may not realize when she has pounded too hard, leaving your penis with a rupture.

04/6​Doggy Style

DOGGY STYLE: While men are the ones whom sekx can land into thick trouble, women may also get harmed and can get vaginal tears, which are indeed painful and can make them susceptible to other infections. The position that makes them most susceptible to getting those tears? Doggy style. This is because in this position, the chance of your partner entering you too suddenly or from a wrong angle are very high.

05/6​The Pogo Stick

THE POGO STICK: This position involves a standing man holding his partner with her legs wrapped around him while he penetrates her. In order to move in and out, the man has to flex his knees. Why is it risky? The man is putting too much strain on himself and in the process, he makes himself more prone to back pain. In fact, if he loses his balance for even a split-second, he can topple down, with the girl on him.

06/6​The Balancing Act

THE BALANCING ACT: A variation of the traditional cowgirl, this involves the woman on top to put her feet on the chest of the man while she leans back and balances herself on his penis. As much what-is-happening-on-earth as it sounds, so it indeed is. The risks? The male partner further loses his control on the movement of the penis, giving the female more control, making his penis more susceptible to fractures. (Representational Image)