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There Are So Many Things We Could Have Done Differently, Sadiq of 3Music Award Scheme Reveals


Having set an astounding precedent of organizing the first major virtual award show around the world, the 3Music Award scheme like most major award schemes have shown exponential development in a short time. Also, like every other award scheme, the 3Music Award has also come under attacks by various dissatisfied artists and groups.

In an interview with the CEO of the 3Music Award scheme on Showbiz Daily, Sadiq used the opportunity to clear certain misconceptions and allegations about the scheme, to him, it was normal in every award scheme. In various parts of the world, people are constantly displeased about some decisions of such schemes and may champion an idea strictly for political purposes. However, he and his team are working hard and learning well for the furtherance of the scheme.

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He also touched on their use of comedians to augment the work of the main hosts of the event on the night, when asked if that was going to be repetitive in the future, he replied that “of course we will be doing that often but it will also depend on what the year throws at us if the plan of the year demands that we will surely go with that.” This seems like a positive response considering how impactful the presence of the two comedians, OB Amponsah and Clemento Suarez, were on the night.

He added that though the virtual concert was necessary for the corona season, the idea of a virtual concert is not one they would discard even when social gatherings are allowed. He believes in the future they could adapt it for various events to entertain their growing audience.

Finally, in response to what he would have done differently having re-watched the just ended virtual award scheme he said: “oh yeah there are so many things we could have done differently.” With his rich background on the technicalities and the intricacies of event organization, re-watching the award show, he believes some things could have been better or done differently, either technically or backstage decisions. Yet Sadiq is confident in the coming years the scheme’s vision and intentions will be fully materialized and realized by the rest of the world as they help elevate Ghana music to the rest to the world