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The Blood Group With The Strongest Immunity


The red blood cells that are negative for type O are thought to be the safest to give to anyone in a life-threatening emergency or when there is a limited quantity of the particular blood type that is needed. They lack the type O antigen, which explains this. This is so that no antibodies to the A, B, or Rh antigens are produced by blood cells with a type O negative phenotype. The cause of the aforementioned phenomenon is this.

The risk of developing cardiovascular disease is lowest in people with blood type O and higher in people with blood types B and AB.

Cardiovascular disease is least likely to affect people with blood type O.


Compared to people with other blood types, those with blood types A and AB have a higher risk of developing stomach cancer.

With the exception of gastrointestinal disorders linked to H. pylori, people with blood type 0 (I) are frequently more resistant to illnesses. This occurs as a result of the fact that H. pylori is known to cause gastrointestinal tract diseases. Blood types A (II), B (III), and AB (IV) carriers are more likely than non-carriers to develop cancer, cardiovascular issues, and infectious disorders.