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Sonnie Badu Reacts To The Misconduct Of Duncan Williams’ Son


By now everyone might have heard about the issues surrounding the son of the Founder of Action Chapel International, Daniel Duncan Williams. Daniel has been in the news recently for misbehaving as he was sighted on a live stream on Instagram and Twitter talking in obscene language and revealing shocking information about himself in the process.

However, in all this, there seem to be two schools of thought concerning who should be blamed for his misconduct.

One school of thought believe he should take full responsibility for his own actions since he is an adult. On the other hand another faction also believe that part of the blame should go to his father, the revered man of God.

Sonnie Badu is the latest celebrity to add his voice to the issue. In series of social media posts, he declared his support for the man of God.

Sonnie Badu

In his first post, Sonnie wrote:

Devil you are a big fool …. this is what pastors go through after praying for you , they come after our families … Papa We are proud Sons and you have raised us well. Thank you for your many years of prayers and love for the nation and the continent. When I saw you pray for the president of the United States, I knew who I wanted to be like when I grow old and grey .. .. we love you so much  @archbishopnick .. I love you …

In his second post he wrote “If you love the ArchBishop @archbishopnick then I dare you to Change your display picture to this amazing picture … a true giant of Africa, a true father, Natiibs honor you, we hail you papa… Your prayers changed my life … I value you so so much. A man of wisdom and might. A man presidents value, A man Kings respect … The last time Absalom tried it on David, there was a big problem, yet David still loved his son … I speak with wisdom #SonnieBadu #IAmBadu”