Home Entertainment Shatta Wale ‘fights’ Dr. Osei Kwame Despite over ‘Medikal and MzGee controversy’

Shatta Wale ‘fights’ Dr. Osei Kwame Despite over ‘Medikal and MzGee controversy’


Amidst a heated exchange with MzGee over what he deemed as inappropriate questioning, Shatta Wale has brought her employer, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, into the fray.

Shatta has criticized the host of United Showbiz, MzGee, and the UTV network for undermining Medikal‘s efforts and questioned whether Dr. Kwame Despite would appreciate similar treatment.

MzGee has faced criticism for probing Medikal’s personal life with Fella Makafui rather than his triumphant O2 Indigo show.

Medikal, supported by Shatta Wale, has vehemently criticized MzGee, accusing her of attempting to discredit their achievements with ‘nonsensical questions’.

In this context, Shatta challenged MzGee’s employers for endorsing a brand that allegedly aims to diminish others.

Shatta Wale asked Dr. Kwame Despite if he would tolerate attempts to tarnish his brand as he perceives it is happening to others by UTV.

Shatta, alluding to damaging gossip about Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s business practices, questioned how he would react to such rumors.

“What if Despite was accused of lacing his Fufu products with illicit drugs? Would he remain unaffected if allegations surfaced about narcotics in his Neat Fufu? Does he not also hear such rumours about his products?” Shatta inquired.

He continued, expressing his outrage, “When I return to Ghana, should any prominent figures dare confront me, they will face my wrath. Blood will spill. We will all die.”

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