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Shaky Hands: Why Old People Experience It & Ways To Treat The Condition


Shaking hands is a typical aging symptom and occurs as a result of our bodies changing with age. An older person may become socially isolated, experience extreme frustration, and even experience falls as a result of this. Understanding the causes of trembling hands and the therapies that are available can provide some respite for the aging family member or friend, even though it may be difficult to watch them go through this. This will allow them to resume living life to the fullest. 

Cleveland Clinic states that tremors, which are medically referred to as shaking hands, are brought on by a breakdown of the normal brain-to-muscle impulses that results in involuntary shaking. One in four older persons over the age of 65 often have this condition, making it a highly prevalent one. There are numerous causes, such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, drug side effects, and other ailments. The underlying cause and whether the tremors are primary or secondary to other medical issues can be found through a medical evaluation by a doctor. 

Although tremors have no known cure, there are a number of therapies that can help lessen how severe they are. 

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1. Physical and occupational therapy: Working with an occupational therapist can teach an aged person how to carry out daily tasks despite trembling. Physical therapy can also help with balance and coordination, which helps ease daily chores. 

2. Relaxation techniques: Using relaxation techniques to ease tension and stress can help tremors.

3. Medications: Both acute and long-term tremors may be treated with medications. Beta blockers, anticonvulsants, and dopaminergic agonists are the most often recommended drugs for tremors.

4. Surgery: In some circumstances, having surgery to treat tremors may be a possibility. However, it is only applied after other forms of treatment have failed.

Although the cause of elderly people’s trembling hands cannot be pinpointed, there are effective treatments available to control these quivering motions. It is critical to ensure that senior patients seek medical attention to rule out any underlying medical conditions and to go over the many treatment options that can lessen tremors and help patients regain control.