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Hajia4Reall makes these two ‘vital’ demands in court


Ghanaian socialite, Mona Faiz Montrage, widely known as Hajia4Reall, is said to have tendered in some requests to the court.

In an exclusive disclosure by KofiTV, monitored by GhanaWeb, the popular socialite has prayed the court to ease her bail conditions, by fixing in some requests.

As part of her jail requirements, she isn’t supposed to move an inch outside her condominium in New Jersey where she is currently based.

Also, Hajia’s current situation can be somewhat likened to a house arrest, as she isn’t supposed to step outside her apartment, coupled with the fact that she has still got a GPS tracker stuck to her ankle.

However, Kofi Adomah Nwawani has gotten hold of Hajia4Reall’s court statement, in which she is seeking the judge to ease up the conditions, based on the premise that she has been on good behavior.

Hajia said, her daughter, who currently resides with her is somewhat affected by her inability to move around, and that, the 9-year-old is also beginning to feel like a prisoner.

Due to this, she has put out the following demands;

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To be able to take her daughter out for shopping, amusement parks

Hajia4Reall said her daughter will begin elementary school soon and before she commences, she desires to give her a series of treats.

Hajia has pleaded with the court to allow her to take her daughter out for shopping, visit amusement parks and so on.

Access to the neighborhood and parts of New York

Hajia4Reall, in her statement in court, also prayed the judge to permit her to move around her New Jersey neighborhood and some parts of New York.

The socialite said if in any case, the court doubts her, the tracking device on her ankle is enough to monitor her movements.

“She said she’d be happy if she is permitted to move around New York, particularly, the South East areas. and even move around New Jersey where she is currently based. She said in UK, she was given some time from 6am to 6pm to move around. But currently in the US, she has been confined. So in this case, she wants to be allocated same time..” KofiTV reports.

Source: Ghanaweb