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See a Woman Who Was Born With Four Legs (Photos)


Josephine Myrtle Corbin was born on the 12th of May, 1886, in Lincoln County. The arrangement of the legs comprised of an outer leg paired with a smaller inner one.

Amazingly, Corbin could move the inner legs except that they were feeble, and she could not walk with them.

The birth of Josephine Myrtle Corbin took the world by surprise when she was born with four legs and two different pelvises.

She was an ordinary girl with sound health

In Texas, Josephine Myrtle Corbin was seen as natural beauty. The doctors that carried out a test on her after she was born confirmed that she was healthy and robust and could operate like every other normal human being. Josephine was described as being five feet high with curly hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.

Josephine was a sideshow performer

Because of her exceptional looks, it dawned on her father that he could charge curious residents a token to look at his four – legged Josephine. So, while at the age of thirteen, the girl began to travel to different towns for sideshow performances and she earned a lot of money.

She got married to a doctor and had five children before she died

When she was nineteen, she got married to a doctor known as Clinton Bicknell. Then, not only did she marry, but she also had five children in the process a boy and four girls.

Since she had two pelvises with a fully formed set of genital organs, both were duplicated. With that, she was able to carry three pregnancies on the right side and the other two on the left.

Death of Myrtle Corbin die?

Unfortunately, after suffering from a streptococcal skin infection, Myrtle eventually died on the 6th of May, 1928. Even though the condition could have been treated easily today with antibiotics, there was nothing like such treatment in the 1920s.

Despite her deformity, it is incredible to know that Josephine Myrtle Corbin did not allow her circumstance to affect her view of life