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“Black Is Beautiful, I Need A Man That Can Do This”- Pretty Lady Cries Out On Social Media


What is it with pretty ladies always crying out about needing a man on social media? Is it that all the men in the country are married or simply not interested. Because it breaks my heart to see a black beautiful woman crying out about needing a man in her life.

What really is the problem ?

One of the major problem is the fact that most of these ladies have a certain high standards that they set when it comes to the kind of man they give a chance to. Forget the fact that they come on social media to cry out, most of them would not even look at you twice.

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Another one of the problem is the fact that, out of all these ladies, how many of them know how to keep a man. Keeping a man is well beyond having a good body or a pretty face. But most of these ladies don’t know that, they think simply because they have a nice body, nice shape, it automatically gives them assurance that they’d get a man.

A little while ago, a beautiful dark skinned lady has again taken to her twitter account to make a declaration about needing a man. Like always, guys were all over her comments, showing interest. Do we say the interest is only on the internet ?View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

See Pictures of the Lady

What do you think ?