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Sarkodie’s Hack on Social Media Trolls


While Celebrities have had the hardest time dealing with social media trolls and mean tweets, Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, seems to have figured a simple remedy for dealing with such pesky characters while maintaining your sanity and composure as an artist.

In a tweet by Fiifi Adinkra, he inquired how artists like Sarkodie and Reggie Rockstone deal with the constant social media trolls since his go-to move is to block anyone who comes and him.

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Sarkodie replying to the post tactfully expressing that “There is no scan to detect how dumb or sharp a person is when they signing up on these platforms so you should know what to expect when you get on here. If u only want positive vibes, create a Whatsapp group chat with your positive friends look”.

This tweet seems to have yanked a lot of chains and has sparked conversations. “Why worry about something you can’t control?” rather find a way of living and making peace with it.

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Others have also interpreted the post as a shot to artists who can’t take criticisms. That’s “if all you want is to be pampered, then create a group for people who will only do that for you.”

While no one can say for sure what exactly the rapper meant it seems the fool would always be with around but surrounding yourself with positive-minded people is a sure way to go.

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