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Celebs in Ghana Advice Fellow Ghanaians to Still Remain Locked Down If They Can


In the latest address by the President of Ghana on measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana, the President officially lifted the ban on movement in some designated parts of Ghana. Which now permitted people to go about their businesses with no more restrictions.

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However, it seems some Ghanaians are not excited about the President’s decision as anticipated. With the astronomic rise in the number of Corona cases in Ghana, they believe it seems rather risky and premature to have been given their freedom back, especially when there still is no cure or vaccine for the virus.

The decision which has been interpreted through various opinion lenses for being either politically motivated, economically etc has had some Ghanaians still observing the lockdown in spite of the President’s directives.

Some popular and influential Ghanaians have, through their social media handles, entreated Ghanaians to stay home if they can. Celebes like Manifest, Naa Ashokor, Efya, Efia Odo amongst others tweeting to caution their followers.

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