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Reasons Why You Should Boil Neem Leaves And Drink The Water Regularly


Azadirachta indica, more popularly known as neem, is a tree native to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It has a long history of usage as a treatment for a wide range of ailments in Ayurvedic medicine. Boiling neem leaves, in instance, increases their potency as a treatment for some diseases, adding to their already extensive list of health advantages.

According to healthline Boiling neem leaves is a time-tested treatment that “Healthline” claims has been used for decades in India. A handful of neem leaves, after being washed well, can be boiled in water for around 10 minutes to make the medicine. The resulting mixture has both internal and external applications.

The health advantages of neem leaves after they have been boiled are listed below.

Helps maintain skin health

The antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects of neem leaves are well-documented. They are effective in the treatment of a wide range of skin diseases when boiled and applied topically, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and even skin infections.

Maintains healthy glucose levels

People with diabetes had their blood sugar levels lowered by consuming boiled neem leaves. The leaves are a useful natural medicine for regulating blood sugar levels due to the presence of chemicals that assist regulate insulin secretion.

Brings down fever and fights malaria Fever has been treated with boiled neem leaves for ages. The antipyretic chemicals found in the leaves can be used to bring down a high body temperature or knock out a fever.

In contrast, limonoids, which are found in neem, are the active chemicals. However, limonoids may be just as effective as standard treatments employing chloroquine at targeting malaria-infected cells, according to a research in mice. Boiling neem leaves and drinking the resulting tea is an effective treatment for malaria.