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Pastors wanted to sleep with me- Christiana Awuni in shivers as she narrates her sad story |Video


Christiana Awunin is narrating a story that she has never told anyone in the entertainment or movie industry.

Christian Awuni is known for an exceptional talent and a very committed attitude towards her acting career.

However, there have been several issues involving the veteran actress and how she confuses people with her Christian lifestyle.

For many Christian’s, it is okay or right to be able to attend church services almost every Sunday.

If not every Sunday, one who is a Christian is supposed to have a church time with God but Christian Awuni heavily refuses this notion.

According to her, her interest resides in finding a church that will bring her salvation and uplift her soul.


She is not ready for a church that will only prophecy to her and promise or declare good things upon her life.

This was revealed in an interview with Zion Felix who further questioned her on her reasons for stopping or putting a hold on attending church despite her strong faith in Christendom.

Christiana Awuni then opened up to how she has been to many churches where she feels there was no salvation or the power of God.

A major reason was due to the fact that pastors attempted to sleep with her when she was only present to be a member of their church and worship God with them.

This is something that remains a nightmare to the veteran actress and hence has prevented her from stepping a foot in a church.

Even though many of her followers do not entirely have a happy face with her decision, she seems poised at not just stopping church but finding the right church to attend.

You might have thought of many possible churches that would not engage in these activities and would have loved to recommend them for her.

But she claims she is focused on finding the one who will blend with her spirit and give her peace of mind whiles worshiping her maker.