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“OB Nartey Must Apologize To Gospel Artists… I Have Nothing To Apologize For”. – Patience Nyarko


The most talked-about Gospel artists in recent days, Patience Nyarko, has called on OB Nartey to apologize for his statement on Gospel artists.

Differing from what people have been saying in the past days, Patience Nyarko obstinately believes that her take on Joe Mettle’s songs were factual and does not have to render an apology to him or anyone like the “ table of mafias” is suggesting.

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She believes OB Nartey on the other hand, should be the one apologizing to all gospel artists in Ghana for looking down on their hard works and efforts by saying “only Joe Mettle” can represent all of them. To her that is what people should focus on getting some clearance on and not her decision to put herself above other artists.

She also revealed that, some gospel artists in her circles have called her personally to congratulate her opinion and for boldly speaking to the matter without fear and favor. They also endorse her opinion since it seems it has been a lingering misconception in the Ghanaian Gospel industry.