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Nicki Minaj Retaliates To Trolls By Leaking Phone Numbers, Calls For Barbz To ‘Have No Mercy’


Nicki Minaj is about to show the power of her loyal fanbase. The rapper has enlisted the Barbz in her revenge plot against trolls, who apparently have been randomly texting her after they somehow got her phone number.

In her retaliation, on Monday, December 21, the Trinidad and Tobago-born star leaked the phone numbers of a group chat that wouldn’t stop texting her. Sharing a screenshot of the group chat’s conversation, she instructed her fans to “have no mercy” on them in a now-deleted tweet.

Nicki Minaj's Tweets

Nicki Minaj leaked trolls’ phone numbers in now-deleted tweets.

As Nicki’s word is the Barbz’s command, they didn’t need more reasons to do what the “Anaconda” hitmaker has instructed. Warning the trolls against harassing the star, the fans claimed Nicki as their “mother” and her newborn son as their “brother.


“Text Nicki again and I promise you will wake up on the Moon surrounded by 7 martians ready to dissect every piece for your body examination,” one fan wrote in a text message to one of the people in the group chart. In the caption for the screenshot of the text, the Twitter user wrote, “I got uuu baby @NICKIMINAJ.”

“B***h text her again & see what I do!” another fan texted one of the trolls. Another threatening message read, “B***h I already told ya friend, text my MF motha one more time and I will send you to Jesus next day shipping btch! I will usps that a** right to the Lord don’t play with me h*e!!!!”

Meanwhile, one of the girls in the group chat that has been texting Nicki denied that she initiated the chat and insisted she didn’t have a hand in creating it. She claimed she was added to a chat that contained a bunch of celebrity iCloud emails. To their amazement, the email actually belongs to Nicki. The unnamed group chat attendee also said that she has received threatening texts from Nicki’s fans.

It’s unclear how Nicki’s emails and phone number got leaked, and how the artist obtained a screenshot of the group chat’s conversation.