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New Job Opening At Stanbic Bank Ghana


There is a New Job Opening At Stanbic Bank Ghana. The bank is seeking to hit a Manager, Brand and Marketing.

Job Description For The New Job Opening At Stanbic Bank Ghana

  • To lead and manage Client segment’s brand, and marketing function
  • To build and drive endearing perceptions of client segment’s offerings to relevant customer segments
  • To stimulate sustained profitable growth in client segment

Key responsibilities

Strategic and client segment’s Goal Management
  • Contribute to the development of high impact client segment’s Business Strategies and to the achievement of same
  • Develop and execute appropriate high-impact marketing strategies and executions to consistently drive the right business outcomes.
  • Position client segment as a leader in customer fulfilment in deliberately decided selected market segments.
  • Co-create unit-specific marketing strategies for client segment and develop a cache of best practices for easy reference and application.
  • Provide internal consulting services to the client segment’s Leadership
Brand Management
  • Manage brand touchpoints and implement measures to ensure top of mind awareness by seeing to it that all “items of visibility” conform to the agreed standards.
  • Drive brand awareness, stature and relevance
  • Optimise and establish consistency in 2D,3D and cyber environments to enhance customer experience
  • Maximise brand value and translate same into client segment’s profitability
  • Work in tandem with leadership team to formulate and implement overarching brand, marketing, and communication strategies
  • Lead with data. Leverage insights to drive business value and shape marketing interventions
  • Make the ‘voice of the customer’ the unimpeded mainstay of service offerings and delivery
  • Drive a vibrant, high-performance marketing environment

Product development
  • Support in new product development and enhancements to strengthen client segment’s competitive position
  • Gather and share information on significant market movements and developments to guide in the development and packaging of client segment’s offerings
  • Ensure effective measurement of product performance and key market interventions by using relevant tools and taking corrective action
Advertising, Communication, Customer Value Proposition and Experience Creation
  • Initiate and manage advertising and communication strategy and implementation plans and monitor trends and developments into the use of the media including but not limited to digital, social and traditional to optimise the benefits
  • Drive marketing strategies that deliver against agreed client segment’s business objectives and strategies
  • Induce consideration to acquisition in defined market segments
  • Manage all aspects on communication of product development and/or enhancement including promotion
  • Build and drive positive perceptions of client segment’s products, services and offerings to relevant customer segments
  • Package and share market and customer insights with client segment’s leadership
  • Drive consideration to acquisition in key markets, and promote the sales and usage of products, services and other client segment offerings
  • Extract value by driving usage and supporting client segment’s efforts to maximise lifetime value of core transactional relationships
  • Monitor and measure customer experience with the aim of consistently improving the quality of the experience
  • Plan, manage and coordinate schedules and assist with project management of all client segment activities from brief stage through to implementation including research, budget considerations, event execution and process, debrief and evaluation.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing operating plan and budget for each client segment (initiate and manage) and fused these into a master Marketing Communication Management, Planning and Implementation plan.
  • Coordinate the design and production of all client segment Marketing materials and collateral. Ensure the relevant and required approvals are obtained to ensure productions and initiatives are complacent with the Corporate Identity guidelines and manual and has been duly approved
  • Ensure seamless communication process occurs for and to all stakeholders (includes brand, product and segment teams) through all phases of the project
  • Co-ordinate all meetings/interactions with client segments, internal and external stakeholders and Agencies. Deadlines and budgets need to be met without exception.
  • Manage client segment’s eventing operations in tandem with the Brand Experience team
  • Contribute to the up skilling of marketing and communications competencies and capabilities within client segment
  • Demonstrate leadership in thought, products, and services
  • Grow and enhance key stakeholder relationships
  • Ensure consistent and positive, high octane social, digital and traditional media presence for client segment’s offerings and activities
  • Leverage sponsorship platforms to promote acquisition and usage to deepen customer bonding to the brand
  • Ensures all internal control and compliance standards are met, and keeps up to date records for audits and exams

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Service delivery
  • Formulate and implement plans for service delivery as an integral component of the brand building/enhancement strategy
  • Coordinate surveys to measure service delivery, share results with client segment, take remedial action, and ensure consistently high-quality customer experience across the network.
  • Support the running of internal customer service awareness and compliance programmes
Staff Engagement
  • Co-create and lead staff engagement campaigns
  • Grow and sustain a self-nourishing internal culture
  • Drive internal brand appeal through vibrant communication and internal marketing.
  • Develop and lead staff product knowledge and customer satisfaction projects and programmes

Knowledge, experience and personal competencies


  • 2nd degree in client segment Administration or Marketing
  • Membership of Chartered Institute of Marketing and Institute of Public Relations or its recognised equivalent is a plus
  • High level understanding of the financial services industry


  • Approximately 5-10 years’ experience in a marketing management role focusing of the implementation of action plans.
  • Significant exposure to service marketing management
  • Project management experience.
  • Considerable client segment acumen and financial budgeting exposure
  • Excellent customer and delivery orientation.
  • Dexterity in managing teams and working with multiple stakeholders

How To Apply

Send CV via email to: PandCBP@stanbic.com.gh

Closing Date: 27th June, 2022