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Lady Goes Viral After Her Before & After Pictures Left The Internet Buzzing


A social media activist and Influencer instablog9ja said in his Twitter account @instablog9ja that” Lady goes viral after her before and after picture shocked humanity.”

Source and Link: @instablog9ja Twitter account.

This actually happened in Nigeria the Above lady bleached her skin, there are lots of Skin whitening product in the market. And it is alarming the rate at which Girls in general or young ladies bleach there skin.

Anyone who bleach means he/she does not like himself or herself because it is dangerous. Nothing beats glowing black skin it is an epitome

of real African beauty.

It causes skin cancer and the person or bleachers skin does not does not heal if wounded.

There are parts and state in Nigeria like Ebonyi and Calaba the rate at which girl from there bleach is overwhelming. Even Parents from that part bleach their children when there are so young & innocent.

Opinion: ladies please stop bleaching your Skin it does you more harm than good. Thanks.

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