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It Ended In Tears For A Girl Making Snap Video; Mum Beats Her Mercilessly


In this era of social media, kids are now fond of making videos on a frequent basis and posting them on social media for reactions.

In a recent viral video, a certain young lady has received the beatings of her lifetime after her mother caught her dancing to famaye’s song in the name of taking snaps instead of running an errand for her.

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The young girl who was delaying in the room seems to have forgotten about what she was sent to do but was seen happily dancing in front of her phone’s camera with joy.

The mother who had ran out of patience followed up on the daughter in the room to see what was delaying her from what she had sent her for.

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Upon finding out she was apparently wasting time on her phone, she hesitated to think twice as she beat the hell out of her

Watch the video below: