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If you have 3 lines on your palm instead of 4 here is what it means


In this essay, I’ll explain why some people have three thick lines and others have four, as well as the meaning of the lines.

The purpose of this article is to give you some basic information about each line, without going into too much detail. Your own hand lines may be different from what I have chosen to cover here, but most of the time, the following explanations will give you a good start in palm reading.

As a general rule that will help you interpret hand lines, remember that. The most basic way to understand palm reading is through four main lines that every hand has. The lines on your hand do shift along with the changes that come throughout life.


To track the changes from year to year, take a photo of your palm in the daylight. While a number of lines likely traverse your palms, it’s the following four that pro readers pay attention to the most.

Heart Line: The line above is the heart line, which denotes the matters of the heart and the deeper the lines, the deeper the heart’s affection and affliction. If there’s a split end to the heart line, you will always be double-minded.

Heart lin: love and emotion, money line: career and fortune. Head line: intelligence and mentality, Marriage line: married life and relationships.

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