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If pv$$y tastes the same then why do men cheat? Social media users come up with various answers to this question


A very important question bordering on infidelity has been shared on social media that has succeeded in getting divergent views from people in a relationship.

The question is straightforward, ‘If pv$$y tastes the same then why do men cheat?’

A lot of times people have come to the consensus that the taste of a woman’s v@gina, in terms of pleasure derived by a man is the same from one woman to the another so it does not sense for a man to cheat.

Ladies wonder why men become promiscuous and get involved with multiple partners when they know the taste of their v@gina is the same.

In view of this, netizens supplied a lot of theories to suggest why men cheat.

Ohemaa Pat
They cheat because of different body’s and not pu$$y

Abel KaAnt Lungu
It’s scientifically wrong to say they are the same. They differ in colour, depth, width, texture, taste, smell, environment, ambience, grip, moisture content, tlof tlof sound, etc. Do not be deceived.

Sebit Gum
those who cheat are greedi ones, those who are not satisfied with what they have inside the house, they end up looking for other food to eat outside, which shall poison them in other ways round.

Lord Naira 237
I totally don’t understand a situation like this.
Today we live in a world where people waste their time reading my comment

Quiin Chelsea
Who said the are the same, some are dirty and loose while others are clean and tight the taste will never be the same am not a man though

Olugbemi Oluwaseun Philip
Some are like sahara desert while some are like mangrove forests..
Some are stiff and some slippery..
Some are like boarholes while some are like well….
Some are like acid while some are like strawberry….
Some are robust and some are lean….
The difference is extremely clear…dats why…

Netshifhefhe Murendeni
Who do men cheat with, if it tastes the same??
I think cheating it does nothing to do with taste, it also consists some sorts of evilness and inheritance of our elders deeds

Mike Dicy
The thing is all about the type of system that is carring the product ladies almost al of you are beautiful but not all of you have skills on how the water is used some of you have limited or no ideas on how to rebrand themselves so it makes man lose interest

Limpho Jafeta
They were naturally made to cheat its in their blood. Whether they come across a tasty one or not they will keep cheating. Its not about a tasty one or not

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