Home Entertainment “I Won’t Do anything Nudity Again”- Lord Paper

“I Won’t Do anything Nudity Again”- Lord Paper


The Dzigbordi hitmaker, Lord paper, whose musical career was shot into the limelight with his popular nudist video captivating the attention of Ghanaians has finally spoken on the repercussions of the video.

Though a hit song, the backlash, and judgments on the song made the Ewurama hitmaker rethink his choice of songs and videos. Lord paper in an interview has reechoed the fact that he was never going to do such videos.

He revealed that though the Ewurama video gave him all the attention and buzz he needed as a young artist, the negative sides to it outweighed the positive. Stressing that though his name was everywhere, he wasn’t getting money from the music, since most people chastised the nudity portrayed in the Ewurama music video.

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He also educated that artists should focus on making good songs and promoting it instead of shrouding themselves with gimmick and stunts, stressing that “If your song is good you don’t need stunts.” Lord paper also believes that after he changed his style of music, Ghanaians have come to notice and appreciate his musical prowess and ingenuity.

Lord paper is currently promoting his Asa Bone funky music featuring the reigning social media sensation, Bosom Pyung. The song has made its way to trends and charts in the Ghanaian music industry.