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“Grow Some Conscience” Rapper Manifest Speaks On Coronavirus


Ghanaian rapper, manifest, in a recent post, has also pitched in on the recent pandemic rocking the world, Corona Virus.

While the media has found a way to push in fear and panic into the heart of its citizens, Rapper Manifest opines some simple measures to ensure the safety of the people and especially Ghanaians. According to Manifest, in time like this, precaution instead of panic is the solution. The artist believes that instead of citizens being riddled with fear and the frenzy of coronavirus, they should rather adhere to the rules and precautions prescribed to keep them safe.

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He expatiated that knowing ad taking the right or appropriate precautions will also go a long way, exemplifying that Ghanaians should try and maintain the suggested social distance and to make sure that their sanitizers contain at least 70% of alcohol.

He added that, in times like this, some Ghanaians and especially traders should grow some conscience and choose health over personal profits. Stating that the exorbitant prices of sanitizers are preposterous, educating that what would be the use of getting the money if your neighbors can’t afford, contract the disease and pass it back to you or someone you love. He encourages them to make a profit but not to the detriment of others.

With these simple steps, Ghanaians and the rest of the world are expected to overcome these trying days in victory in the shortest possible time.