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I Need Spiritual Help; I have had Dreams of Getting Married to Sister Derby for Seven Months—Tutulapato


The young rapper in an interview with Arnold Mensah Elavanyo on “Vibes in 5” revealed one thing that is challenging to him as a teenager. And it came as a surprise when the rapper disclosed he has dreams of getting married to Sister Derby for seven months now.

He disclosed that it is either he is out at the mall with Sister Derby. In the church getting married or on their honey moon in his dreams.

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The rapper indicated that although he hasn’t had sex with Sister Derby in his dreams. But they touch each other intimately.

He stated that he wishes the dream materializes in reality. Because Sister Derby is a beautiful woman. And if Mohammed could marry Khadijah then so can he.

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He made it known that these dreams with Sister Derby are his only challenges as a teenager.

In his final words, he indicated that he doesn’t understand his dreams and he needs spiritual help.