Home Entertainment “I Need Someone On My Level To Beef With”. – AK Songstress

“I Need Someone On My Level To Beef With”. – AK Songstress


About 3weeks now, the Ghanaian entertainment industry has been set on fire and this time not because of the 3S but the female throwing shots at each other. Which has got people talking and has drawn the attention to the females which rarely happens.

While some have been applauding and backlashing the women for going at each other, Ak songstress in an interview with Sammyflex has chimed in on what is going on amongst the females. To her, as long as the ‘beef’ is healthy she is all for it and would even love to do get on that tangent if she gets someone competent.

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She believes where she has built her brand to, she must get something out of beefing other artists. The person must also be up to her level or above her so her brand will be lifted higher afterward and not the other way round. Stating that irrespective of how good or daring the person who is initiating the beef is, the person should be competent and up to her level.