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I have started legal processes against doomsday prophetess – Empress Gifty


Popular Gospel singer, Gifty Adorye has announced that she will take legal action against a prophetess known as Pretty Lady, who made a doom prophecy about her husband, Hopeson Adorye.

In a TikTok video earlier this year, Pretty Lady warned that Adorye could face death if he participated in political campaigns, specifically for Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

In an interview on TV3’s New Day on March 18, 2024, Empress Gifty stated that she is currently engaged in the necessary legal processes against the prophetess.

“I am just doing the legal processes, [I have not taken her to court yet] but just doing the legal processes. You will hear of it,” she said.

She emphasized her tolerance for personal criticism but her intolerance for attacks on her family.

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Empress Gifty also mentioned her belief in prophecies but criticized the public nature of Pretty Lady’s claims, suggesting a private approach would have been more appropriate.

“I am one person when you talk about me, I don’t care. When I want to respond, I come at you and when you leave the brand and enter into my family, this is where I get so furious. I don’t like it.

“I believe in prophecies so if you think you have seen something, come to me and I will pray about it. This is an internet issue and will stay there forever. I don’t have her time and [not spoken to her yet],” she stated.

The singer and her husband have already addressed the prophecy in a TikTok live video, indicating their strong opposition to the claims made by Pretty Lady.

The legal developments are expected to unfold in the public eye as the case progresses.