Home Entertainment I have faced bullying and sabotage in my career – Ohemaa Woyeje

I have faced bullying and sabotage in my career – Ohemaa Woyeje


Popular Ghanaian DJ and radio host, Ohemaa Woyeje has shared some insights about her personal journey and the struggles she has faced in her career.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the mother of two revealed how she had to face bullying and sabotage from colleagues.

“I observed that many people in our industry have less tolerance towards their fellow hardworking colleagues, irrespective of working for the same company sometimes. But I am a fighter.

“My inspiration comes from the challenges I face. I am strengthened by knowing the number of people who want to see me fail. That’s where I build my courage. I have been bullied, I have been sabotaged, by both men and women who were my colleagues just because of my capabilities,” she said.

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She stated that these challenges she faced only made her stronger, more courageous and fuelled her determination to succeed.

“I have fought my way through till now. Sometimes, you become what you allow. I won’t let you stop me,” she said.

Ohemaa’s talent and hard work have earned her several awards, including Best Female Radio DJ at the Ghana DJ Awards and Radio Personality of the Year at the Ghana Outstanding Women Awards.

Currently pursuing a degree in Law, she has also penned an autobiography, ‘2D Experience’, detailing her two decades in media.