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5 Unhealthy Things About Eating Cucumbers


Cucumbers are among the fruits sliced into salads. They germinate from buds into melon vines with some seeds inside. According to WebMD, this fruit can keep your body hydrated since it has a lot of water.

It also contains some plant nutrients like vitamin K that can cure inflammation. This is the reason people put sliced cucumbers on the winkles below their eyes to fade them out. Aside from putting cucumbers topically on our bodies, eating them can also be a blessing for your heart health.

It can support in reducing the chance of high blood sugar. However, if you’re taking cucumbers to cure diabetes, you should also stop taking sugary foods and processed carbs. This will make the absorbed nutrient from cucumbers stabilize your blood sugar level.

You can also eat it to bring down your body weight. The calories packed in cucumbers won’t cause hunger for a while and you won’t be eating excessively.

However, this incredible fruit also has certain side effects linked with it, and we must take precautions on how we eat it. Here are some unhealthy things about the consumption of cucumbers:

1. Cucumbers must not be taken at night since they can affect your sleep. This can cause other sleep-deprived health problems if someone is not careful.

2. Cucumbers have a bitter compound that can make you have too much gas in your stomach and swelling in your gut. This normally occurs when you take too many cucumbers that your body can’t handle.

3. Cucumbers can cause an imbalance of electrolytes in our bodies. This can cause excessive release of water from your body through urine. This might ultimately make you dehydrated. This is caused by the antioxidant and potassium ingredients packed in cucumbers.

4. When you have a cold or nose inflammation, you should be very careful with the way you eat cucumbers to avoid causing other severe health disorders.

5. If you discover that your skin is very allergic to specific fruits, like bananas and melons, you must stop eating cucumbers. It can also be a skin allergy for you.