Home Entertainment “I Blame the One Who Built That Bar”- Articlewan

“I Blame the One Who Built That Bar”- Articlewan


The last week of December 2019 and the first week of January was characterized by various events from weddings to parties through to music concerts. Notable among these shows was Fuse ODG ‘s “TINA FESTIVAL SHOW” which hosted a plethora of stars and their fans to enjoy musical performances.

However, the night was cut short after two guys: one identified as Azonto, the manager of Ghanaian artist Articlewan, and another guy also known as ‘Kwesi Arthur’(not the popularly known Ghanaian rap artist) who got severely injured by broken trusses from the stage. After struggling with getting first aid for these victims and transportation to the hospital, they have currently been reported as being in the recovery state under the supervision of medical practitioners.

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In an interview with Articlewan on Zylofon FM about the condition of his manager, Articlewan replied that as far as he knows, his manager is getting better and recovering gradually from the accident. He went on to shift the blame to the team who built the stage and fixed the rickety trusses on the stage rather than blaming Fuse as most people were.

This incidence is one of many which occurred during other events like “welcome to Sotuom” by Medikal which marred the beauty of the show.

But the real problem at such events has been obtaining help from security personnel around or first aid from a trained person on post at such events. Quick accessibility to ambulance service in such situations seems almost impossible, the lackadaisical and lack of alacrity by security personnel at the scene is appalling.