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How Exercise Can Lower Stress And Help You Sleep Better


Regular physical exercise can ease your stress and make you sleep better. According to Healthline, stress can have an impact on practically every area of our lives. It can also cause sleeplessness.

It’s common for people to experience stress in their daily activities. However, if it consistently interferes with your sleep over time, it can deprive you of quality sleep.

This can result in other medical issues like premature aging, depression, and worsening of the symptoms of cancer. The ability to exercise is very crucial to reducing stress and helping you sleep better.

Breast cancer chemotherapy patients experience a lot of side effects, including stress and restless nights. People who always engage in physical activities can feel less stressed at night, which will help them sleep better.

Studies show that people with certain medical issues, like depressive episodes or sleep disorders, can benefit from regular exercise. A powerful hormone in the body, known as cortisol, communicates with our nervous system to control a lot of essential functions in the body.

It controls our immune response, digestion, and mood. It’s a stress hormone that sets off our reaction when we face frightening or challenging situations. Cortisol is a very powerful hormone that influences our sleep.

During the day, our levels of cortisol fluctuate, but they are usually stronger in the morning, a few minutes after we wake up. This makes us feel awake and prepared to face a new day. However, these levels progressively decrease during the day. This is why we feel sleepy at night.

However, when you face stressful periods, your cortisol levels won’t go down at night, which makes it very difficult for you to have quality sleep at night. This lack of sleep even makes stress worse by increasing the secretion of cortisol in the body.

Regular exercise reverses this negative cycle and prevents this sleep disorder by lowering the level of cortisol. The best forms of exercise for reducing stress and enhancing quality sleep are breathing exercises and jogging.

When you customize this exercise to your preference, it works best to reduce stress and help you sleep well.