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Highlife Artistes Are Not Villagers, Dada Hafco Educates


Though Highlife originates from Ghana, the younger generation seems to have difficulty in accepting the genre as they have wholeheartedly accepted other foreign genres like Hip-hop and dancehall.

Either for lack of education or ignorance, most people perceive the Highlife genre and its artist as an old fashion outdated group. Some people act surprised when they hear Highlife artists speak fluent impeccable English. Some also turn to react poorly when they see renowned Ghanaian Highlife artists fully dressed in foreign clothes, styles, and designs.

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In an interview with KMJ, the “My story” hitmaker, Dada Hafco, took the platform to educate the viewers of “ShowNow” that Highlife musicians are not villagers and that the youth should stop tagging the genre and its artist as such.

He also encouraged people to start accepting and identifying with the genre since it’s theirs. He explained that despite the infiltration and influx of foreign genres in the Ghanaian music industry, the only genre that a Ghanaian can boldly claim as theirs on international markets is Highlife.