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Here’s what your fingernails reveal about the state of your health


Your nails may reveal issues with the liver, lungs, or heart. Here’s what your nails mean health-wise:

A fungal infection is one of the most popular causes of yellow nails. The nail bed may retract as the infection gets worse, and the nails may thicken and break. A more serious condition, such as severe thyroid disease, lung disease, diabetes, or psoriasis, may occasionally be indicated by yellow nails.

A lack of oxygen in the body may manifest as blue-tinged nails. This can point to a lung condition like emphysema. Blue nails may be a sign of heart issues.

Cracked nails [prevention]

Thyroid disease has been related to dry, brittle nails that commonly break or split. It may be also due to injury or excess moisture. A fungal infection is more likely to be to blame for cracking or splitting that also has a yellowish tint.

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Leukonychia or white nails [healthjade]

The term “white nails,” commonly referred to as “leukonychia,” refers to fingernails that are entirely or mostly white. The white colour could be caused by several conditions, including trauma, anaemia, poisoning dietary deficiencies, and kidney or heart problems.

The melanin pigment in the body is what gives rise to this nail discolouration, which is known as melanonychia. Skin cancer, infections, and injuries are just a few of the potential causes.

Even if it may just be a bad habit, biting one’s nails indicates anxiety. Also, Obsessive-compulsive disorder has been connected to nail biting and picking. If you are unable to stop, you should talk to your doctor.