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Guys, Things You Do That Win A Lady’s Heart


A lot of people have this mentality that money can win a lady’s heart, truth be told, money has its role to play in the puzzle but there are still a lot of things connected to this.

Winning a lady’s heart takes a lot of processes, so you have to be well prepared both financially, physically and mentally as it helps a lot. In this article, I am going to be talking about 7 ways to win a lady’s heart.

Be complimentary

Taking a lady out and when she shows up on the date, you compliment her on the way she looks, it will help in promoting and growing the relationship. Lady loves it when you easily notice new things they wear almost every time they meet up with you.

So try complimenting them most times you guys go on an official date.

Be creative

When choosing a restaurant, you must note out a place that is neat and well furnished. It is not even necessary to show off at the place by telling her to pick anything she wants if you already know her favourite food.

Be intentional

When you get her number, you must always be intentional with the things you do. From time to time invite her out to parties and dates. Send her encouraging messages and write-ups. Don’t be shy to show that you are serious about her.

Speak well about her in front of other people

Love doesn’t just stop in front of the person you are dating but even behind them. Even when you are in front of other people try as much as possible to defend her no matter what they are saying.

Be attentive

Pay attention to small details about her and always show how much you care about her by learning and understanding more of the things she likes and hates.

Be protective

Be a good listener

Don’t just be the one talking or allow her to be the one talking. When she is talking, make chances to ask questions like how what and why, this helps a discussion to continue smoothly.