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Ghanaians are hypocrites!—Wendy Shay lashes out


Following the massive support people all around the world are giving to Nigerians to end SARS and SWAT, other Ghanaians are also having a mini protest against the FDA and the Gaming commission.

Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay, has been ranting about the FDA and Gaming Commission banning celebrities from being ambassadors of alcoholic beverages and betting companies.

The musician called out for help from her colleagues celebrities either than that she is taking the above mentioned parties to human right court.

In her recent post, the actress states that FDA and Gaming Commision is “career brutality”. And everyone has the right to protest.

According to her, the aforementioned parties are killing the Ghana showbiz industry but a celebrity support ENDSARS and condemn FDA/Gaming commission protest.

Wendy calls the irony and sheer hypocrisy!!!

But the question is how severe is FDA/Gaming protest to killing innocent people? We know celebrities need endorsements to earn money. But so far as there is life, they can work and earn money. But killing innocent people is definitely not right! And Ghanaians should continue to support ENDSARS!!

If Ghanaians are hypocrites, then Wendy is being insensitive.