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“Freda Has To Apologize First Since She Instigated The Issue”. – Sista Afia


Sista Afia has finally had her opportunity to promote her new single Streets which features Akiyana on Tv3.

It could be recalled that, not long ago, Sista Afia and Fredarhymes had a public fallout during an interview at TV3 premises. Contrary to how people understood the video, Sista Afia has in an interview with MzGee explained that all of it was instigated by FredaRhymes.

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She narrated that, though she intended to go talk to her like “girly-girly” she really got provoked when Freda told them “to let the old woman enter first” which was what sparked the outburst. But since that was not recorded it has tipped the narration against her, as though she started it all since she’s been hinting at a possible altercation at previous interviews.

She also expressed how remorseful she was for her actions but adamantly refuses to apologize first to FredaRhymes since she started it. She believes Freda should rather apologize to her or hopefully when the dust settles they can have a conversation to see the way forward.


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